If you're thinking $50 is kind of high , consider this :

If the discs that you normally throw cost you $8.00-$25.00+ each,

the 1st few times you use the QUIC'STIC' TM,

it's paid for itself.

Now if you throw even more expensive discs,

then the QUIC'STIC' TM will be worth it's cost

that much sooner.

I've played some courses on windy days and ended up

using the QUIC'STIC' TM as many as 6 times in one game.

It was cold that day too, the last thing I wanted

was to be wet from the water hazard.

So it more than paid for itself in one game.

Also consider that your buying a U.S.A. made product.

We know it's the best disc retriever that you'll

ever see or use, plus it's the only compact retriever

that works for water and tree hazards.

As fellow disc golfers ourselves, we know that it really

does turn your hazardous throws into.....